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Melanie Kimball Bio

I was born in Indiana and within 2 years moved to Arizona in 1967.  I lived there until I was 20, when I married Randy and immediately moved to Colorado Springs, CO.  Randy was in the Army and being military, we were never in one place to long…Colorado for a year and a half, Alaska for a year and El Paso for a year.

After the 4 year stint we moved back to Phoenix, where we lived for 5 years and then we moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico because Randy got a job offer there.  And to this day we are still in Albuquerque.

Growing up in the southwest did not offer me a lot of time in the snow.  Though I did try to ski once at Monarch (but that didn’t fair to well), living in Colorado and Alaska gave me a chance to learn how to drive in the snow.  El Paso offered very little chance for snow, but we sure visited southern New Mexico a lot and enjoyed what we saw.

With moving to New Mexico we started doing more and more outdoor sports to include skiing, hiking and mountain biking.  Randy attended the 1st Annual SkiBike Festival at Durango Mountain and he was hooked from the get-go and knew then that there was a future for this sport.

 In 2003, after looking at our garage and finding we had a ski problem and a mountain bike problem – it just seemed the natural progression to have a SkiBike problem.

We started selling Conversion Kits in the 2003-2004 season.  After our first year selling Conversion Kits, we started to search the internet for other SkiBikes.  We found several different styles in other countries, so we brought them in, tested them out, and the ones we liked we kept and sold them through SkiBikeFun, LLC.  SkiBike sales have continued to grow and we know that sales will keep growing, but with formal organization the sport should grow more quickly.

In 2012, we took over the American SkiBike Association (ASA) to do our part to help grow the sport of SkiBiking through education, special events and sporting events, and by gaining access to more ski areas.  We know we can accomplish this because we have an excellent group of boardmembers and volunteers who are dedicated to getting this done.



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