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don koski



Don Koski Bio:

I saw my first Skibob in 1961 on the slopes of Mt. Rose Ski Resort in Nevada at the tender age of 6. Little did I know how much this would later influence my involvement in the development of three cutting edge sports industries; Skibikes, BMX, and Mountain Bikes. In 1970 my family, during the height of the gasoline shortage, decided to open a bicycle shop because bicycle sales were going through the roof.  I took extra machine shop classes at Tamalpais High School and by the time we opened the bike shop I was a proficient fabricator. The Cove Bike Shop came to be known as the first mountain bike shop in the world.  We gained worldwide attention as the technical and innovative leaders in the mountain bike industry. From Japan, industry leaders, Shimano and Suntour, came to our shop for insight and advice.

I saw a Brenter skibob from Austria at Homewood Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe, California later that year and decided to fabricate my own. Making use of my motorcycle / Moto-X knowledge I knew it had to have suspension and foot pegs.  I quickly realized rear suspension was not enough and built six more prototypes with front and rear suspension pushing the boundaries of available technology. The seventh prototype used a Montesa MX fork leg with a linkage system I designed and the back was a Fox Shox cutting edge motorcycle rear long travel air shock. Giving incredible performance, this bike proved to be the future of modern day skibiking. My first production run of Skibikes was in 1998 ( 50 skibikes ).  Rigorous ongoing research and development and business partnership with Jeff Butcher led to the production of the current FM series ( FM-1, FM-2, FM-3 ) pictured above. In 2001, Koski Snowsports had the first and only USA factory team at the Durango Skibike Festival. Koski team riders wowed the industry with their dynamic style of riding. These riders pushed the limits for all others to see.  

Before mountain bikes were called mountain bikes, in 1976 we went into business with Harley Davidson racer and “On Any Sunday” star Mert Lawwill to develop and market the Pro-Cruiser, (the first) large production run (600+ units) of a special built off road cruiser. We needed a purpose built fork for our new frame so I designed one and sent the blueprints to Gary and Craig Cook ( Cook Bros. Racing ) a BMX manufacturer in Los Angeles to build the fork to my specs. This collaboration with the Cook Bros. opened the door for other BMX manufacturers in Los Angeles that we dealt with to develop their own line of cruisers (SE Racing, Mongoose, Laguna, West Coast Cycle).

Innovations I brought to the mountain bike industry;
1) Aluminum rims
2) Aluminum handlebars
3) Aluminum brake levers
4) First custom built frame with a large production
5) First custom built fork

Innovations I developed for the Skibike industry;
1) Long travel front and rear suspension
2) Foot pegs
3) Moto-X seats
4) Aluminum frames
5) Aluminum components
6) Moto-X style riding technique




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